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.: Icon Spam - Raptoe's Graphics journal :.

.: Version 2.0 - Lost Forever :.

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Iconspam this is the graphics journal of raptoe
In this Community you can find icons/ brushes/ graphics of your liking
and/or place request if you want an icon altered or a new one made.

Don't be shy and take a look around and see if there is something of
your liking.
But please read the Rules before taking anything

Version 2.0 - Featuring Lost....

If you want to use the Icons/ Graphics/ Brushes from this community or make an request I suggest you read the rules carefully.

[X] By placing a request or taking an Icon you state you have read and agreed
with the rules and guidelines of the community.
[X] When taking an icon please leave a comment stating that you did
so in the icon entry
[X] Also to see all the icons in this journal you need to be a member.
Some of them are Members only
[X] Icons are for personal use only and are NOT allowed to appear on
any other community without permission of raptoe
[X] Please credit raptoe or iconspam, don't claim work
that isn't yours as your own.
[X] Request are free just make sure you keep it down to 3 requested
icons at a time and per week.
[X] NO DIRECTLINKING, put the icons on your own space for use. Just
go to photobucket.com and make
your own account there.

It is
all very simple, breaking any of these rules will lead to suspension
or a warning. Depending on how grave the situation is.

.: Posting :.
100x100brushes, satc_icons, elitelotricons, icon_tutorial

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.: Overview :.

An easy overview of the current graphics, tutorials, brushes etc that have been uploaded until now can be found here

.: Awards :.

All my awards can be found here as well.

These people created the wonderfull Brushes I used:

.: Miss - M :.
.: Annika von Holdt :.
.: V-brush :.
.: Nocturna.org :.
.: Aurora :.

.: Caps :.
CSI HQ pictures - Modern Day Galleries
CSI Screencaps - CSI caps
Misc. Screencaps - cap_it
Lotr Screencaps Lisa's Video Frame